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Welsh Wanderer is a UK based travel and lifestyle blog with specific focus on slow and sustainable living. Here you can find sustainable living guides, travel tips, and how to be more eco-friendly.

Slow living? What’s that?

Slow living is basically a more ‘slow’ i.e. traditional way of life.

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My name’s Elen Mai and I’m a 20-something human biology student from Mid West Wales. I’m also the driving force behind Welsh Wanderer. I spend a lot of my free time exploring nature with my family and two dogs; Pixie and Lola. I’m incredibly passionate about living sustainably and supporting small businesses. I also run a “small business spotlight” where I feature a new small business every couple of months.

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Hello! I'm Elen Mai, the brains behind Welsh Wanderer and 20-something human biology student from (you guessed it) Wales! Here you'll find everything from sustainable living edits to hotel reviews and travel tips. Enjoy! x

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