Here on Welsh Wanderer I’m lucky enough to work with some brilliant brands. I only ever work with brands whose ethics line up with my own. For example, you’ll never see me work with a fast fashion brand.

However, there are rules which come with brand opportunities and collaborations. I am legally obligated to let you know when items or opportunities have been gifted to me, and when I have received payment for an opportunity.

The way I label this type of content has been reviewed in accordance with present ASA guidelines.

How I Label Sponsored Content – Blog Posts

All gifted products and opportunities will state clearly within the main blog post text.

There will also be a statement at the end of the blog post marked with ‘*’ along with how much creative input the brand has had in terms of content production. By ‘content production’ I mean how much control they had over the styling of imagery and wording of my experiences.

Whenever I write a blog post featuring a product or service I will only ever use my own words. I will never allow any affiliates/third parties to assume full creative control on Welsh Wanderer.

All blog posts which have been produced in collaboration with brands are all sorted into a “Sponsored Content” post category. The blanket term ‘sponsored content’ does not mean that I was paid for a particular collaboration. The specifics of the partnership will be detailed in each individual blog post.

How I Label Sponsored Content – Social Media

{AD} // I have received payment for the content produced.

{Affiliate} // A link or code I am promoting will earn me a small commission at no extra cost to the consumer.

{Gifted} // The product or service I’m promoting has been gifted to me without payment.

Hello! I'm Elen Mai, the brains behind Welsh Wanderer and 20-something human biology student from (you guessed it) Wales! Welsh Wanderer is designed with the eco-conscious adventurer in mind. So stick around for sustainable living & travel tips!

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