How I Style Lucy & Yak Dungarees

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By no means am I any kind of fashion blogger. You’ll be able to figure that one out for yourself by these very amateur-ish photos. However, I am an ethical/eco-conscious blogger. So I decided to go ahead with this post. Recently I took the plunge and vowed to quit fast fashion. Like, cold turkey quit. The biggest influence for me was The True Cost documentary on Netflix. (If you want to learn more about fast fashion, I definitely recommend giving that a watch). I deleted all the fast fashion apps off my phone (so long ASOS, we had a good run!) and haven’t bought a new clothing item in around a month or so. In that time, I’ve been on the hunt for sustainable fashion brands. That’s where Lucy and Yak come in…

Lucy and Yak are a UK-based family run business. Their designs are colourful, quirky, and designed for comfort. What I love the most about them is their drive to be inclusive. They’ve acknowledged that they’re working on a plus size range, and the range of models they use is beautifully diverse. Not only that, but they also pay their employees a living wage. This is a huge deal!

*I just wanted to add that this post is NOT sponsored in any way, nor am I affiliated with Lucy and Yak. I’m just a very passionate consumer who loves the brand.

Just a little bit about their packaging

Yes, the clothing is sustainable, but what about the packaging it comes in? This was a “make or break” factor for me. All Lucy & Yak orders come in biodegradable poly bags, and the products are also packaged in a fabric dust bag made from scrap material. I love this little added touch – material bags are super handy! I’ve repurposed mine as produce bags for my food shop, and I’ve even used them to hold toiletries when travelling.

Lucy and Yak Biodegradable Poly Bags Lucy and Yak Packaging Sticker Lucy and Yak Dust Bag

As you can see, there’s a lot of personal touches to their packaging that you don’t get with fast fashion brands like ASOS or PLT. I’m far more inclined to purchase from a brand again when they put the thought into their products. You can tell that a lot of love and effort has gone into it. The dust bags are also a fantastic way of repurposing scrap material into something that can be used over and over again.

Also, special shoutout to the lovely Mihai for packaging my order!

Anyway. I think I’ve covered the fact I love this brand. Now, onto the styling. The items I’ve chosen to pair with the dungarees are a plain black turtleneck bodysuit and a classic vans shoe. I decided to keep it simple, but you can change it up as you like.

1 // The Classic Dungaree

Lucy and Yak Classic Dungaree Style 1 Lucy and Yak Classic Dungaree Style 2

I own the limited edition Eye Party dungarees which were designed by the fantastic Char Gale. This was a big one for me because I tend to wear a lot of black. I’m trying to push the boat out and be more adventurous with my style choices lately. I’ve worn these dungarees several times since they arrived and I can’t fault them! They’re perfect if you want to eat a lot of carbs because they hide the food baby bloat perfectly. You know the struggle.

2 // Cinched at the Waist

Lucy and Yak Dungaree Cinched Waist 1 Lucy and Yak Dungaree Cinched Wait 2

While these dungarees are designed to be oversized and comfy, sometimes you want a little definition. I achieve this by using any old belt I have lying around to create the silhouette I want. I recommend tying the dungarees a little looser for this one, as an interesting crotch-situation can occur if tied too tightly.

3 // The Faux Paperbag Waist Trouser

Lucy and Yak Dungaree Faux Paperbag Trousers 1 Lucy and Yak Dungare Faux Paperbag Trousers 2

This is my personal favourite styling. I’ve wanted a pair of Paperbag trousers for a while now, but why buy a pair when I can fake my own?! For this look I tucked in the chest portion of the dungaree and tied it at the waist. There you have it – a pair of faux paperbag trousers!

I’m trying to figure out how to wear the items of clothing I already own in different ways. Not only is this pushing me creatively, it’s also stopping me from wanting to buy more.

Lucy and Yak also run a competition over on their Instagram called #Yakmirrorselfiemonday. It’s exactly what it says on the tin, and you can win a £25 discount over on their shop! That’s actually what happened to me a few weeks back, and I’ve used my discount to purchase the limited edition ‘Agnes’ mini pini. Keep an eye on my Instagram to see her in all her glory!

Have you heard of Lucy and Yak before? Have a browse and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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5 responses to “How I Style Lucy & Yak Dungarees”

  1. jenna says:

    So cute! My Instagram has been filled with ads for Lucy Yak (probably because my account is all about my zero waste-ish lifestyle!), and I have always wanted a pair! I love how you styled them 🙂
    -Jenna ♥
    Follow me back? The Chic Cupcake

  2. Allouise says:

    May ask what size you are? Im planning on buying Lucy Yak dungarees and it would be great for refrence to know what size you bought :)!

    • Of course! I’m a size UK 16 and go for an L in Lucy and Yak dungarees as they fit the most comfortably for me. I have tried an XL from them before and had to send it back because the legs were absolutely huge on them haha. Hope that helped!
      El xx

  3. Jules says:

    Hi! Love the way you’ve styled these, I’ve not been keen on them as was unsure of the tapered leg but they look really cool. Can I ask how tall you are? Just for for reference etc, I’m also a size 14-16 so will prob buy a lar but worried they may be too long etc as I’m 5ft1. Thanks, Jules x

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