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Hello August! We’re well in the swing of another British Summer, and it’s time for another instalment of the Small Business Spotlight! Last month I featured Kintsugi Clothing, and this month I’m showcasing Alis Hâf Designs. Without giving too much away, they’re a freelance design service based in Mid West Wales.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Small Business Spotlight, I’ll briefly explain. Once a month I handpick a small business to put in the spotlight on the blog, and also on social media. As this series of posts have evolved, I also do a mini-interview with the business owners. I also take business suggestions and have openings for September-December this year so pop me an email!

About Alis Hâf Designs

As I mentioned previously, Alis Hâf Designs is a freelance graphic design business. So whether you’re looking for a new logo, banner, flyer, or poster – you name it, she’s your gal! Her work is aesthetically pleasing, professional, and sophisticated. I first found her through Instagram, and I’ve been obsessed ever since!

She also has a second Instagram account to showcase her collage design work. I’ve only just discovered this and I love the entire concept of the page.

Who is and what inspired the founding of Alis Hâf Designs?

I am a freelance creative and designer based in Aberystwyth. I work with a variety of clients on branding, visual identities, editorial design, and social media content curation. You can find my work on my website.

Alis Hâf Designs came about around a year after I’d left uni. I’d graduated with a 1st in Advertising and moved back home and was struggling to find a job in marketing so set myself as a freelance to keep myself busy.

I’ve always loved designing since I first discovered Photoshop in my GCSE Art class and I felt there was a lack of female designers in the area creating the designs and bold branding that I enjoy so I started to put myself out there as a freelance designer.

AHD Business Cards

What’s been the best part of opening/running Alis Hâf Designs so far?

In a way, I think the best bit of starting Alis Hâf Designs has been having the freedom to create and continue to do something I’ve always loved doing. I’ve always been creative and designing for my clients is my “side hustle” and way of focusing my ideas and skills.

I recently got to work with Bwca, a welsh language band, creating the artwork for their new single ‘Weda I’. I enjoy collaging in my spare time (you can find my collages through Instagram) so getting to use my collaging skills in the piece of design made it a pretty cool project to work on.

Bwca I Album Cover

Another great part of running Alis Hâf Designs has been networking and meeting other local business owners. I’ve been to events run by Business Wales and events planned by my clients and have managed to meet loads of local business owners, some of who are now actually clients.

How long has Alis Hâf Designs been open for business?

As I mentioned above it all started about a year after I graduated. I’d been creating personal designs for a while and was thinking of setting up as a freelancer when I connected with Melanie from Melanie Carmen PR and House 21.

House 21 Launch Party Promo

After that, I worked on a number of different projects with Mel which inspired me to continue to find other clients. I now work with a range of clients from charities to welsh language businesses.

I pride myself as a welsh speaker on working with local businesses. Especially as I can help with making sure both languages come across equally in my designs and can give a more local and personal experience. I recently designed this bilingual logo for local designer and tailor Betsan Jane.

Betsan Jane Promo

Do you have big plans for the future of Alis Hâf Designs?

I’m still finding my feet so I’ve not got anything big planned at the moment. I’m planning to continue working with my current clients whilst also opening myself up to new clients and projects.

So if you know of anyone in need of a new logo, designs for businesses, promotional material, or a rebranding then get in touch! I’m also hoping to delve into the world of lettering so lookout for some new designs on Instagram soon.

Let me know which is your favourite piece of work by Alis Hâf Designs in the comments below!

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4 responses to “Creative Creations with Alis Hâf Designs | Small Business Spotlight”

  1. Imogen says:

    This is such a lovely idea to do to highlight many wonderful small businesses! I love how your blog is set out 🙂 – Journey in Law

  2. I love the sound of this series, what a great way tio bring some attention to people. Her work is incredible! I love what she did with the band x


    • I love supporting small businesses and absolutely love getting the opportunity to do so! Thanks so much for reading Sophie, I’m so glad to hear you like Alis’ work.
      El xx

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