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Better for you, and better for the planet. The saying at the forefront of my mind when purchasing cosmetics. I’m not big on beauty products, but am a self-confessed skincare junkie. So when Poapoa reached out wanting to send over a few bits, I jumped at the chance.

But not just because they’re eco-friendly and aesthically pleasing. They’re putting a lot of effort into tackling rural poverty in addition to female empowerment. So for me, they’re ticking all the boxes.

*Items in this post were provided to me on a gifted basis in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own and haven’t been influenced by any third parties. For more information about sponsored posts and terminologies such as ‘AD’ or ‘gifted’ please see my disclaimer.

How do they support small communities?

At Poapoa, they source their ingredients directly from the local communities where they originate. Their natural shea butter is sourced directly from a community of women in Ghana. Other ingredients such as the coconut oil and essential oils are sourced from the Philippines.

Natural Soap Leaflet

It’s been shown that investing in smaller communities has it’s benefits. With the obvious being increased development, poverty eradication, and a reduction in inequality. But it can also influence other aspects of life.

For example; improved education, nutrition, and health. Poapoa work closely with a community of Ghanaian women, and are proudly redistributing economic power to women. It’s rare to see a business working to empower the individuals in their supply chain.

For more information, check out the About Us page on the Poapoa website.

What products do they offer?

It’s not just soap bars, Poapoa also offer shampoos, body washes, and scrubs. Each item has is own purpose and a fragrant blend of fresh ingredients. They very kindly sent me a gift box containing their Lemon & Rosemary shampoo, Charcoal & Tea tree soap, and Ylang Ylang & Tea Tree body wash.

My favourite thing about the product pages is that they highlight the ‘star ingredients’ in each item.

Poapoa Charcoal Soap

Lemon & Rosemary Shampoo – Star Ingredients

Bergamot oil, cedarwood oil, geranium oil, lavender oil, and rosemary oil.

Charcoal & Tea Tree Soap РStar Ingredients 

Activated charcoal powder, castor seed oil, shea butter, tea tree oil, virgin coconut oil.

Ylang Ylang & Tea Tree Body Wash – Star Ingredients

Tea tree oil, ylang ylang oil.

Body wash labelNo added water body wash

No ‘nasties’, no water, 100% plant-based.

A lot of cosmetics contain 30-100% water. Poapoa don’t dilute any of their products, so you know that you’re getting 100% of the plant-based goodness they promise. They’re also vegan, sustainably developed, handmade, cruelty free, and packed with natural essential oils.

Poapoa promise no parabens, synthetics, water, preservatives… you get the picture. It’s exactly what it says on the tin, with no hidden bad bits.

How did the products shape up?

It’s not all about the amazing work they’re doing behind the scenes, it’s also about the products. I was most excited to try the bar soap, especially since it claims to be detoxifying (which is what I feel like my skin will be needing post-freshers week!).

Since the products are handmade, every bar is unique. The soap has an almost gritty appearance, which gives the bar it’s exfoliating quality. I found this lathered up super easily and left my skin feeling fresh without being overly abrasive.

It’s still early days as I like to switch up my skincare routine, but I’m excited to continue using this and hopefully I’ll see some improvements to my skin!

The shower gel was the next best on my list. It has a strong tea tree scent and a little goes a long way. Unlike other tea tree infused shower gels, this one hasn’t got an intense tingling sensation. For me, this was an added bonus since that can cause some aggravation to my psoriasis.

As for the shampoo, I’m absolutely loving this so far. My hair gets greasy pretty quickly so I wash it everyday, but with this one I’ve been able to go a little longer between washes. This is brilliant for me as excessive hair washing can also aggravate my psoriasis, so Poapoa are getting a lot of bonus points from me!

My only minor problem with the shampoo would be the fragrance. I’d hoped it would be a strong lemony scent, especially with the colouring of the bottle, but the rosemary is definitely the key ingredient.

In conclusion…

In the skincare world, I’d say Poapoa is definitely the underdog. They’re a small business doing amazing things and I think they deserve all the recognition they can get. The products they sent over to me are incredible and I’m excited to order one of their scrubs to see how it performs in comparison to the rest of their product ranges.

While the shampoos and shower gels are packaged in plastic bottles, they’re 100% recyclable. If you’re not keen on the idea of recycling, they’re fully reusable also. They actually mention on each product page a few ways you can reuse your bottles once they’re done; including filling with paint or repurposing as kitchenware for storing oil.

Click here to read about why recycling isn’t always the answer.

I always aim to accept sponsored or gifted posts from brands that align with my own ideologies. Poapoa are almost 100% aligned with the message I like to spread here on Welsh Wanderer and it’s been a pleasure to collaborate with them on this post.

If you enjoyed reading or have any questions about Poapoa’s products, please drop a comment below. And let me know – what product of theirs appeals to you?

*Items in this post were provided to me on a gifted basis in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own and haven’t been influenced by any third parties. For more information about sponsored posts and terminologies such as ‘AD’ or ‘gifted’ please see my disclaimer.

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