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At the start of the new year, I promised myself I’d start doing more for me. Y’know, being a little more selfish in allowing myself to do certain things or treat myself to new experiences. For me, this included teeth whitening. I’ve always been self conscious of my smile, and have had cosmetic work done in the past but never got round to whitening.

This is partly due to the cost and partly because I’ve just not had the time to make an appointment. So when Smile Brilliant reached out and asked if I wanted to try out their at-home whitening system, I couldn’t help but say yes.

*The Smile Brilliant branded items in this post were sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own and haven’t been influenced by any third parties. For further information on how I label sponsored content, please see my disclaimer or feel free to email me with any queries.

T6 Whitening System

What sold me on the Smile Brilliant kit is that they’re designed by dental professionals. So you know that the products are manufactured safely and are in line with the appropriate regulations. They’re also completely vegan, leaping bunny cruelty free certified, and registered with the FDA (USA Food & Drug Administration).

My current dental routine

As for my current routine, I use a Georganics toothpaste and bamboo toothbrush twice daily (in the morning and evening). This has been my routine for the past 3 months or so. Prior to this I was alternating between normal toothpaste and Georganics toothpaste tabs.

Have I whitened before?

In the past I’ve experimented with my fair share of whitening products. Lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda, charcoal toothpastes, loose charcoal powders, you name it. But nothing’s ever gotten me the results I’ve hoped for, or the results haven’t lasted the test of time.

What’s in a Smile Brilliant kit

Smile Brilliant Pastes Instruction Booklet Whitening Impressions

How Smile Brilliant works

On their website, they have a range of whitening systems to choose from. They sent me their T6 sensitive system, which is for your average teeth stains i.e. for regular tea/coffee drinkers.

Step 1 – Make your impressions

To create your custom whitening trays you mix one pot of catalyst with one pot of base material, mould it into one of the blue trays, and make your impressions. Super easy! You just have to make sure you centre the impressions and don’t drag your teeth through the material. This part is time sensitive as the materials harden quickly.

Step 2 – Mail them off to the Smile Brilliant labs

Once that’s done, you fill out a consent card, pop it into the addressed envelope that comes in the kit along with your impressions, and mail it off. My whitening trays took approximately 10 days to return to me – keeping in mind I’m in the UK and Smile Brilliant are a US-based company.

Step 3 – Whiten!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

My whitening experience

I’m incredibly excited to show you all my results after using Smile Brilliant. I’ve had a boost in confidence, and am a lot more comfortable in my own skin. I love the ease of being able to whiten at home while I’m watching tv or finishing off university coursework.

It’s best to whiten in the evening just before bed. That way you don’t run the risk of staining your teeth straight after whitening. You might also experience light sensitivity just after a whitening application. To combat this, I applied desensitising gel before and after whitening.

Smille Brilliant Case Whitening Consent Card

Before & After

Smile Brilliant Before & After Results

As you can see, the my teeth weren’t overly stained to begin with. I by no means had the most discoloured teeth in the world. But previous cosmetic work of filing some teeth down had left slightly discoloured enamel. This is till slightly visible but nowhere near as much as before. I also drink coffee regularly, enjoy a glass of red wine, and have smoked cigarettes in the past (but not anymore).

*Keep in mind I haven’t edited either of the before & after shots in ANY way so you can see all my skin imperfections at the moment – sorry! Both pictures were taken in direct sunlight in front of a window.

In my opinion, my results couldn’t have been better. The Smile Brilliant system exceeded all of my expectations, and helped restore my confidence. I’ve still got a few syringes of whitening gel left, and will be using them to top up my smile as needed.

Now that I’ve got my custom trays, I can simply repurchase desensitising and whitening gel as and when needed!

Costs and other services

Smile Brilliant’s whitening systems range in price from $149 (USD) to $189 (USD). Each kit is different, and they offer both sensitive and non-sensitive options. The difference being that sensitive kits include desensitising gel.

I’ve been using the T6 sensitive system, which retails for $179 (approximately £136 GBP) on their website. This is significantly more cost effective in comparison to having them whitened with a dentist for upwards of £200. Plus there’s the added benefit of whitening from the comfort of your own home.

Whitening Tray

Shipping and customs info (UK residents)

If (like me) you’re based in the UK and want to order a whitening system of your own, then you’ll also have to pay a small customs fee. When I initially picked up my whitening kit from the post office depot I had to pay £30 as the kit contains imported liquids. The only other charge was a £9 tracked shipping fee to send my impressions back to the US lab.

As for shipping, the kit itself took around 2 weeks to arrive and my impressions were returned to me within a week. I didn’t pay any fees for the impressions to come back into the country, they were simply popped through my letterbox with the regular post.

Packaging Info

Since I’m a eco-conscious living blog first and foremost, I thought I’d let you know what I’ll be doing in terms of the plastic packaging from this product. I’ll be doing my best to recycle everything according to my local council’s guidelines and will be reusing the box to package online orders in.


In addition to letting me try out their professional grade whitening system, Smile Brilliant are also giving one of my readers the chance to achieve their dreams of pearly white teeth too! Simply follow this link and fill out the details to be in with the chance of winning your own Smile Brilliant whitening kit.

You can also use the code “welshwanderer15” for 15% off site wide at Smile Brilliant.

Have you ever thought about teeth whitening? Let me know what you think of Smile Brilliant and my whitening results in the comments section below!

*The Smile Brilliant branded items in this post were sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own and haven’t been influenced by any third parties. For further information on how I label sponsored content, please see my disclaimer or feel free to email me with any queries.

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