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Recently my eco home Pinterest board has been the source of all my zero waste envy. Think glass jar displays, produce bags, and compost bins. As far as zero wasting goes, it’s the gold standard. But alas, I’m a student with minimal control over her surrounding décor. Let alone installing a compost bin!

I can, however, swap out my unsustainable products. That’s where Net Zero Company comes in. They’ve kindly offered to send me a selection of essential zero waste kitchen products to try out and report back to you guys.

*The post features gifted items from Net Zero Company. All thoughts and opinions are my own and haven’t been influenced by any third parties. To read more about how I disclose this kind of collaboration, please see my disclaimer.*

beeswax wraps apple zero waste wax wrap

Beeswax wraps

If you saw my latest Instagram post, you’ll know I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some of these for a while. I currently go through a lot of foil and cling film to preserve food that’s been cut in half. They work in the same way as foil, however you have to heat up the wax wrap in order to make it malleable. Then they can simply be unwrapped, wiped with a cloth, and reused.

These can last for up to a year with proper care, and when the wax coating wears down you can re-wax it easily at home with a wax block.

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Silicone lid selection zero waste silicone lid

Assorted silicone lids

If wax wraps aren’t your thing, then these stretchable silicone lids might do the trick! These can be placed over the top of any open can, bowl, or container (without a lid) to preserve the contents inside. There’s a bunch of different sizes to choose from in the pack, making it easier to store your leftovers than ever before.

Metal lunchbox

One of the promises I made myself for the new year was to prepare my lunches ready for uni each day. The only thing I’d overlooked was the fact I didn’t actually own a lunchbox. This one from Net Zero Co. is perfect for me as it’s compact and has two clip-seals on the side to ensure nothing will leak out into my bag. That’s a key factor for me as I always have my laptop and notebooks inside my bag.

zero waste lunch

Bamboo cutlery set

This one goes hand in hand with the lunchbox. I don’t personally fancy taking cutlery from home with me to uni everyday, especially since I haven’t got anything to keep them in to prevent food from getting on my belongings. This set is ideal as it rolls up into a neat little tube and can be easily slotted into the side pocket of my bag. There’s even a little cloth in there for quick cleaning while on the go.

The reason I’ve marked the following few products with ‘*’ is because I’ve purchased them with my own money and not been sent them as part of my collaboration with Net Zero Co. I’ve included them because I would consider them kitchen essentials.

*Recycled coffee sack sponge

I purchased this from Peace with the Wild a few months ago as I realised that kitchen sponges are made with plastic. You know, the typical yellow ones you can find in any pound shop or supermarket as a pack of 12. The one I have now is made using cut-off’s from old coffee bean sacks. Just like a regular sponge it has a soft side and a more abrasive side for tough to clean dishes.

*Coconut dish brush

This brush is perfect for brushes and bottles. It gets into those tough to reach spots. I do find the bristles quite hard, which is why I don’t use it for dishes.

Zero waste dish watching

*Eco living natural dish brush

This is a much softer cleaning brush, but perfect for getting off those stubborn stains that a sponge couldn’t. The brush head is also compostable and replaceable.

*Dish soap block

In an effort to ditch plastic, I swapped out my regular dish soap. This handy block comes wrapped in grease proof paper and is plastic free! Simply run under water and use.

I’m inching closer to my goal of becoming zero waste. It’s a slow process but a rewarding one. Stick around for my second post in collaboration with Net Zero Co. coming February 2020! Major spoiler alert: it’s a week of vegan student meals.

Do you own any of the items I’ve discussed in this post? Or have you been curious about some of them? Let me know in the comments below!

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