5 Self Isolation Minimalist Must-Haves

Hi, and welcome back to Welsh Wanderer. It’s been a minute since I sat here to write anything! I’ve been logging into my account and checking emails every now and again, but the blog has been on the back burner for a while. It’s been a whole three months! 

The last posts I published on here were written last year, although I’d scheduled content up until the end of January. For those of you who don’t keep up with me on social media, I had surgery earlier this year and blogging therefore wasn’t my main priority for a while.

A lot of our daily lives are currently being bombarded with information about the current lockdown. We’re all in self isolation (or at least, should be) and it’s everywhere you look. Social media, the news, tv shows, you name it. So to help us all get through it, I’ve put this post together! It’s a bunch of low waste products that [I find] make self isolation a lot easier.

Unpaper Towels

1. Unpaper towels

With all of the panic buying we saw at the start of the outbreak, we’ve seen a drastic decrease in the availability of paper towels and toilet paper. Considering this, investing in some unpaper towels is a smart option. Alternatively, using old cloths and rags works just fine! We have a load of cloths and old tea towels that we repurpose for this exact purpose.

2. Freezer bags

Now that we’re all in self isolation, it seems like a good time to reduce our amount of food waste! According to Which, the UK throws approximately 10.2 million tonnes of food waste per year. This accounts for approximately 20 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

So instead of throwing excess food out, why not invest in some freezer bags? There’s an entire array of products online, such as the Kitchenware section on the Net Zero Co. website. Alternatively, you can use ice cube trays to freeze portions of vegetables, and freeze meal portions in tupperware.

Organicup Product Shot

3. Zero waste period products

Since our shopping trips are limited at best, and the general population seems to be panic buying all of the personal hygiene products, it’s a good time to consider a zero waste period option. See my last blog post for an array of zero waste options available on the market.

My personal favourite is the Organicup. I’m not sponsored or affiliated in any way with Organicup, I just love their product and did a full in-depth review which you can read here.

4. Bidet attachments

Again, on the subject of toilet paper, consider installing a bidet attachment. I’ll admit that this one is a bit niche, but it’s an option nonetheless. I’ve seen people hyping them up over on twitter amidst the whole toilet paper crisis, so it might be worth checking out if you’re open to the idea.

The main recommendation I’ve seen has been the TUSHY bidet attachment which comes in two variations; the classic and the spa.

Oat Milk Self Isolation DIY

5. DIY alternatives

While suggesting we all buy helpful alternatives, DIY options are also great too! In fact, it’s probably much more justifiable considering money seems to be tight for a lot of us right now.

One of the easiest DIY alternatives is homemade oat milk. As it seems milk alternatives are higher in demand than ever before due to their lengthy shelf life, why not get your hands on some oats and make your own?

How to;

As I mentioned, these aren’t items that you must buy in order to get through self isolation. They’re merely recommendations that could make living in lockdown just that little bit easier, while also helping the planet in the process!

None of the linked products are affiliate links and I’m in no way affiliated with any of the aforementioned companies (although I have previously worked with Net Zero Co.) I’ve merely made product suggestions based upon what I know to be good.

I hope everyone’s doing well in self isolation! Is there any lockdown-specific content you want to see from me? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 responses to “5 Self Isolation Minimalist Must-Haves”

  1. Sapna says:

    I’m grateful that we have this time to create content. I have been the same with my blog, putting it on the back burner. I love the idea of reusable freezer bags. Saves so much plastic wastage. Your blog design is beautiful too 🙂

    • Same here! I’m excited to see how creative we all get with our content in due course. I’m definitely tempted to pick up some silicone freezer bags soon. Thanks so much for reading!
      El xx

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