Is Lockdown Making Us More Resourceful?

Over here in the UK we’re well and truly in the swing of lockdown life. Our new way of life has seen changes in the way we do things, bringing a whole new wave of creativity to the table. But I’ve also noticed a shift in online content.

Be it DIY beauty recipes, food storage tips, or cute crafts. We’re all getting thrifty with how we go about our new lives. Especially those of us who’ve taken to our hair with dye or scissors or even clippers! We’re inundated with tutorials or tips on surviving isolation and home workout ideas. And I’m loving it!

So what easy things can we do during quarantine to be just a little bit more resourceful? I’ve got you covered! Just keep reading…

1 // Freeze your leftovers

It might be basic, but freeze your leftover meal portions! No matter how small they are, they can be reheated and added to another dish later on. This works great with Bolognese or stew.

2 // Start a project pan

If you’ve been in the blogging world long enough, you’ll have seen your fair share of ‘project pan’ posts. The idea is basically to hit the pan of as many skincare/makeup products as possible through regular use. It’s the perfect time to use up all the old products you might be hoarding before buying new.

House plant & book setup

3 // Get creative in the kitchen

Struggling to find what you need at your local supermarket? Have a rummage around in your cupboards and challenge yourself to make something new. You’ll be surprised at the food combinations you come up with that, weirdly, work well together! But be conscious – you don’t want to end up with it ending up in the bin. Look on YouTube or social media for some inspiration.

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4 // Upcycle your old clothes

Instead of wasting your money on buying poor quality garments from fast fashion retailers, why not give something a new lease of life? There’s tonnes of simple tutorials you can follow online to completely change the look of an old garment. I’ve re-hemmed, bleached, dyed, and cut all manners of items in the past. If I’m not wearing it, I’ll find a way to make myself want to wear it!

I’ve recently been eyeing up a denim jacket design I saw online and have fabric paints on standby ready to customise a jacket in my wardrobe. Keep your eyes peeled for a step by step on that!

5 // Grow your own

If you’re lucky enough to have access to an outdoor space, why not utilise it? Map out a small corner for a vegetable patch and grow your own seasonal veg. Not only will this fill some quarantine time, but you’ll also be able to cut down on your shopping bill (albeit not by a whole lot but still!).

We’re learning how to live with less, consume less, and spend a lot less. Using up what we already have in the cupboards, and getting creative when the supermarket runs out of certain key ingredients. *cough* PASTA *cough*. While it’s far from an ideal situation, it’s clear we’re all adapting and making the most of what we can.

Lockdown book flatlay

6 // Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose

There’s a whole host of household DIY’s available on Pinterest, and a lot of them have their practical uses! Just look at my previous posts; 8 ways to reuse paper cups and 8 ways to reuse plastic bags. What might seem like rubbish right now, could become something entirely new altogether.

7 // Make your own beauty products

You know how many beauty products you can make easily at home with household items? From scrubs to lip balms, you name it. My favourite body scrub is actually made using just coconut oil, instant coffee or coffee grounds, and a little essential oils for fragrance.

On the flip side, there’s also a bunch of people who seem to be falling back on the world of online shopping. Instead of buying new, unnecessary items on Amazon, ASOS, Pretty Little Thing, or Boohoo, why not get creative and see what you can do at home to fill your time? You’d be surprised with what you can come up with in a pinch.

With our trips away from home being limited to just the essentials, is quarantine making us more resourceful? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

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