Foolproof Banana Bread Recipe

Since lockdown began everyone and their dog has been baking something. Banana bread has been a fan favourite just because it’s so easy to do. As someone who’s not exactly a keen baker, I decided to give it a go. I wanted to be able to say that I at least tried to bake during lockdown!

With that being said, I kind of made everything up as I went along. I know vaguely how much of each ingredient would go into a normal sponge cake mixture and just used common sense for the rest. If I can do it, anyone can!

I’ll also say that overripe bananas are usually best for baking banana bread. It’s not essential, but they’re usually softer and easier to mash as well as being sweeter and more aromatic.

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Banana Bread


1 1/2 cups / 195g flour (I used bread flour because that’s all they had in my local shop. You can also use plain flour).

1 tsp bicarbonate of soda

1/2 cup or 110g butter (you’ll also need a little extra for greasing the tin).

1 cup / 225g of granulated sugar

1 egg

3-4 overripe bananas

1/2 tsp salt

*Optional – nuts and/or chocolate chips

Mixing bowl Banana bread mix


1 // Before I did any baking I made sure to wash my hands! This is a super important thing to remember, especially during a pandemic. Then I preheated my oven at 180°c/350°F and greased my tins with butter. I didn’t have any loaf tins so I improvised and used three mini lasagne trays.

2 // In one ‘bowl’ aka saucepan (I don’t own mixing bowls), I mashed 4 overripe bananas with a fork and added all the wet ingredients. In another I added all the dry ingredients.

3 // Once I’d combined all the wet ingredients I added it to the dry and folded the mixture together. The final step was adding in some cashew nuts and chocolate chips.

4 // The only thing left to do is bake! It’ll take around an hour (60 minutes), but you should check on it every twenty minutes so it doesn’t burn.

5 // Last but not least, leave to cool down and then enjoy!

Banana bread slices

I was pleasantly surprised with the results, I won’t lie. During previous baking attempts I’ve had to throw actual trays out because I’ve managed to ruin them! Looks like there’s a first time for everything. Maybe I’m destined for Bake Off after all!

Have you been baking during lockdown? Are you going to give this recipe a try? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 responses to “Foolproof Banana Bread Recipe”

  1. Stephanie says:

    I have been obsessing with eating banana bread this lockdown, but havent actually got around to making my own yet.
    Maybe ill give this recipe a go!

    Thanks for the share 🙂

    Love Stephanie (A fellow Welshie)

    • Thanks so much for reading Stephanie! If you do make some please let me know how it turns out, I’d love to see.

      Always love hearing from fellow Welshie’s!

      El xx

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