10 Top Tips for Depop Sellers

Back in August I wrote “10 Top Tips for Shopping on Depop” and you guys seemed to like it a fair bit! So I thought it was high time I got my arse in gear and wrote a follow up for Depop sellers too. While I love Depop as an app, it’s no secret that buying and selling can be an extremely stressful process (at times), but hopefully these tips can make it a little easier!

For reference, I’ve been selling on Depop for about a year, on and off. I don’t take it seriously, as in, I don’t use it as a business platform (which many do). I’m just using it to declutter my house as and when I need to. As of right now I’ve made 30 sales and have an overall rating of 5 stars.

I’ve included photos from my own Depop for reference here, and have screenshots I’ve taken of my shop as it looks right now. To check out any of the items I’ve got for sale currently, click here.

Depop Screenshot

1. Ensure you’re selling quality items

This really is the most important step out of all 10. If you’re trying to sell incredibly used and old items maybe question if it’s worth it. For example, I’ve got two bags of clothing items in my house right now. One is full of potential Depop items, the other is full of charity shop items.

The charity shop items are things which just wouldn’t be worth selling. As in, I’d have to sell them at such a low price point based on their condition that I’d actually lose money trying to sell them. Basically, if you couldn’t realistically see someone buying it, don’t bother putting it on Depop.

Depop Screenshot Product Examples

2. Use clear photos with good lighting

This should honestly go without saying, but I constantly see items on Depop that have been photographed in ridiculously questionable ways. If you’re trying to sell something, you really have to make that item seem appealing. Especially when it’s second hand goods.

You don’t need fancy equipment for it either. I take all my photos on my bed, using direct natural light from my window to get the best quality photos I can. I also make sure I don’t edit the photos with any filters or effects so you can truly see what the garment looks like in real life.

The key is to showcase the item in the best possible way, but also not altering it’s appearance to the point of misleading potential buyers.

3. Set a realistic price point

Pricing is something I always struggle with on Depop. What I do as a general rule, is check to see if it’s still on the original website I purchased it from. For example, I’ll check to see if ASOS are still selling the particular style of jeans I’m trying to sell, and how much they’re selling them for. If they’re on ASOS for, say, £20, I’ll price mine at £15-£20.

Generally, I’ll opt for the lower end of the pricing scale and set the price at £15 ( for example). I do this because I want people to have a decent enough reason to buy from my shop as opposed to just ordering them on the ASOS website. If it’s no longer sold online, I can set the price as I please. I also make sure to include in the item description if it is current stock (on the original website) or not.

Another way I price items is based on an evaluation of the garment’s quality. If something’s in great condition, I can set it at a higher price point as opposed to something that of slightly poorer quality.

Depop PLT Skirt

4. Include a detailed item description

The more detailed the description, the better. I include everything I can think of from the size of the garment, to a little information about the material and the fit. I’ve also seen some people include styling suggestions for items, but that’s not something I personally include.

This is super important for items which might run slightly bigger or smaller in size. For example, if a pair of size 18 jeans that I was selling ran slightly smaller in size and were closer to being a size 16 fit, I’d state that in the item description.

Depop Shop Policies

I also use this space to add in a few key shop policies, and I jazz it up a bit with a few emojis (totally optional). This basically just lets a customer know how your shop operates straight off the bat. I copy and paste this exact same paragraph onto the end of every product description in my shop.

5. Have an open line of communication

I make sure to check my Depop messages at least once a day, and I also have notifications for the app turned on so I know when a new message has come through. When a message comes through, I always try and respond the exact same day just to show that I’m attentive to potential buyers.

Kindness is key. But you also have to be firm at times and stand your ground. At the end of the day, you can’t be a doormat. Something I’ll never do is engage in an argument on the app, though I’ve never been in a situation where one could arise (thankfully).

When someone buys something from my shop, I’ll message them as soon as I possibly can and let them know when I’ll be posting their item out to them. I’ll also message them and offer to email them a copy of the proof of postage receipt.

6. Be mindful of your packaging

I personally don’t believe that your packaging has to be amazing when selling on Depop. Some people use really cute mailing bags with patterns on them and decorate them to look all cute, but I just don’t bother. Like, I understand that it can make something seem so much more special that way, but I feel that’s more done by people using Depop as an actual business platform rather than for personal use.

What I do with every order is write a short handwritten thank you note (using blank revision cards) and pop it in a secure mailing bag that I just buy from the post office. I’ve also been known in the past to package items in supermarket carrier bags, though I’d explain in the thank you note I was doing it in an aim to recycle and extend the use of the bags etc. On the whole, I got a really positive response to this and a couple people have mentioned it in their reviews of my shop.

I try to reuse a lot of packaging I get from online orders too. I have a box full of wrapping and boxes that I’ve had delivered to me from PR packages and other online orders that I repurpose on my Depop shop. It really doesn’t matter what you use as long as it’s packaged securely.

Writing a thank you note is definitely something to keep in mind, though. Especially if you address it to them, i.e. “Hi Sam! Thanks so much for your order, I hope you love your new [insert item here]”. It just adds a nice personal touch.

Proof of Postage

7. Stay organised

Honestly I cannot stress this enough if I tried! I’ve had one instance in the past where someone asked me for their proof of postage via email and it took me hours to track down the receipt. Now, I have a box for exactly that. Whenever I post off an order now, I chuck the receipt straight in the box and I know exactly where it is for the future.

I usually get rid of receipts when I know that person has definitely received their item in the post. Obviously there’s no way of magically knowing when they’ll receive something but sometimes people will message you or they’ll just leave a review letting you know.

Parcels for Postage

8. Promote your shop

This is more important if you’re just starting out, but can also be super handy for more established sellers too! I like to promote my shop on a couple different social channels, just to make people aware that it exists and for them to get a brief overview of what I have available.

I mainly do this by uploading a couple of screenshots to my Instagram stories (I post this on both my blog and personal Instagram) and also on twitter.

Rather than uploading just a screenshot of the shop on the whole, you could highlight one particular item you’re keen to sell. When I was selling some Lucy and Yak products on there, I screenshotted that particular listing and uploaded it to my Instagram stories, making sure to tag the brand and used relevant hashtags to get a little more traction. This works really well with popular branded items. For me, I found those items sold within 3 days this way.

9. Sales and bundles

A lot of sellers on Depop will run short promotional sales or bundle deals to entice customers. I’ve found bundle deals are a great way to clear out multiple items at once from your shop, especially if you’re looking to do a big clear out.

Luckily with a platform like Depop, this is super easy to do in app. There’s a whole bunch of settings and customisations that allow you to do a lot of promotional stuff which is great. I personally don’t use a lot of ‘sales’ promotions like 10% off etc, but I do sometimes utilise bundles and offer two similarly priced items for a total reduced price. For example, if someone were to buy two £5 tops from me, I’d do a bundle deal of £8 or £9.

10. Consistency is key!

I’ve seen so many shops that have items listed for sale, but because they haven’t checked their account in so long the app won’t let you purchase them. If you’ve got items listed on Depop, then keep checking and engaging with the app otherwise people will physically not be able to purchase them.

Depop also has a feature where it lets someone know when a seller was last active on the app, which is important to remember. I keep in mind when a person was last active on the app and it heavily influences whether or not I’ll buy from them, simply because I don’t want to purchase from someone and end up not actually receiving the item in question.

And that’s a wrap folks!

If you’ve stuck with me until the end, thanks for reading! This was definitely more of a long-winded post but I had so much to cover and I didn’t want to miss anything out.

Let me know if you’ve found any of these tips helpful and be sure to link your own Depop shop below for me to check out!

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4 responses to “10 Top Tips for Depop Sellers”

  1. Louise says:

    Oooh I’ve been looking for a post like this for ages – this is super useful! I recently moved home and I’m trying to get rid of a lot of old clothes but just didn’t know where to start. I’ve had Depop for ages but never used it much. I’ve bookmarked this post!

    Louise | http://www.formidablejoy.com

  2. Abi says:

    I’ve been thinking to start selling on Depop for such a long time now since I’ve got a fair amount of preloved items worth selling! Thanks for these tips, I’ll keep refering back to this post when I do (hopefully and eventually) start selling on there!

    Abi // http://abichristina.co.uk

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