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Hi everyone! It’s time for another instalment of the Small Business Spotlight. And I can tell you, it’s been a long time coming. This month, I’m featuring Mojo Lingerie. If you didn’t already know, they’ve previously featured in my blog post “The Big Boob Guide to Sustainable Bra Shopping”

They’re a body positive, Newcastle-based, ethical lingerie brand. It’s all run by Molly, who kindly agreed to answer a few questions for me.

Who is and what inspired Mojo Lingerie?

I’m Molly, a self taught sewer who loves the empowering effect lingerie has on the wearer. I started Mojo in my home studio in London, before returning to my hometown of Newcastle upon Tyne to concentrate on the brand.

Mojo started out of frustration at high-street retailers only making one type of bra: underwired, padded, and minimal size options. If they did have bigger options, they’d always be beige and style-less! I began making bras for myself and realised how much I enjoyed it, and took a chance on opening my first Etsy shop!

Since then, I’ve got my own website, do regular markets (virtual at the moment) and have branched out with my shop offerings.

Mojo Estelle Bralette

Photo credit – Mojo

What’s been the best part of opening/running Mojo so far?

Working for yourself has many amazing positives, but can be very lonely. I’d say the best part of running a small business is going to markets and making friends with creatives who are like-minded, and understanding of the highs and lows. The supports I’ve found from these communities is incredible!

How long have you been open for business?

Mojo has now been open for business for 5 years, I have been working part time alongside the whole time. Oddly, the current lockdown gave me that chance to concentrate wholly on Mojo which felt great!

As the brand has developed, I’ve started to focus on sustainable products, launching a range of reusable makeup wipes and reducing waste in my bra-making wherever possible.

Jowana Bralette

Photo credit – Mojo

Do you have big plans for the future?

I would love Mojo to be my full time job! I love creating pieces for people to help them embody their most confidence and badass version of themselves. Being able to do that everyday would be the dream.

Where to keep up to date with Mojo on social media!


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