The Easiest Pumpkin Soup Recipe EVER

Happy spooky season folks! October’s one of my favourite months of the year, and I’m fully in the swing of autumnal spirit. In case you missed it, I even went to a pumpkin patch this week. (Not that I posted a million photos all over my social media or anything…)

In true zero waste fashion, I wanted to try and make as little waste as possible this Halloween. That means I’ve got to make something with all my leftover pumpkin filling, of course! Me and my housemates have been busy bees hollowing out pumpkins for most of today so there was LOADS of pulp just waiting to be used up.

I’m hoping to get a few pies done, too. But that seems a TAD¬†ambitious for a girl who can barely operate the oven as it is, so maybe not.

Elen at pumpkin patch Pumpkin Trolley

*Disclaimer; I’m not a pro chef. But if I can manage to make this pretty easily in one afternoon then so can you!



Soup Flatlay

Soup 2

I really wasn’t kidding when I said this was easy! Literally anybody could make this. The substitution for heavy cream is great for vegans too, because you can use vegan friendly butter and milk alternatives that taste exactly the same. That’s what I did here, because I can’t have dairy.

If you end up making this yourself please tag me! I’m @welshwandererblog on Instagram and @welshwanderer_ on Twitter.

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