Support Small Welsh Businesses | Part 1

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Hi lovelies! If you didn’t already know, Wales is currently in the swing of lockdown number 2. This means that all non-essential business have been required to close all in-person trading until November 9th 2020. This means small Welsh businesses are struggling now more than ever.

In an attempt to shout out some amazing businesses in Wales I’ll be doing a weekly blog post featuring some I’ve come across online and in person. This is somewhat a spin-off of my Small Business Spotlight interview series which you may have seen before.

Small Welsh Businesses

I believe it’s important to try and support your local economy wherever possible and am a big believer in supporting small businesses. This series was the only logical next step for the blog! It got a really positive response over on Instagram and Twitter this week so I hope you love it here too.

I’ll also be posting these on Instagram each week, and will be tagging the businesses directly. The social media posts are being posted in both English & Welsh, if you’d like Welsh versions of the blog posts too just let me know in the comments or message me directly!

Small Welsh Business Collage 1

Welsh Sisters

A small gin company based in New Quay, Ceredigion. Owned by (obviously) two sisters Becky and Tania who grew up on the Welsh coast. They use botanical ingredients to help tell the story of women who played a huge role in rural Welsh coastal communities throughout history.

They’re working towards plastic free packaging and make a donation to the WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation) charity with each bottle sold!

Wholesome Herbals

Megan and Abhay began Wholesome Herbals back in 2017, where they produce hand crafted soy candles and loose leaf teas. They’re big supporters of slow living (which we LOVE on this blog) and enjoying the simplicities of life.

All of their candles are soy-based, paraffin free, cruelty free, and come in recyclable packaging.

Celf Heledd Art

Heledd is a Wales based artist who’s famous for her bright, unique watercolour pieces. She also sells canvas art, prints, clothing, and care packages on her website.

All garments are made to order in an effort to be more sustainable, and the packaging is plastic free and recyclable. All inks used in production are water-based and planet//animal friendly.

Hillside Crafts

Rob and Rhian founded Hillside Crafts in 2018, from the hills for North Wales. They sell personalised laser engraved gifts that are perfect for every occasion.

You can find everything from candle holders to chopping boards and photo frames on their website!

SWB Collage 2

No 21 Flowers

Based in Aberystwyth (my hometown!), No 21 Flowers is an artisanal flower shop and the go-to place for all your plant needs. Now I’m an absolute sucker for aesthetically pleasing places, and this is certainly one of them!

They stock a mix of British and Dutch grown flowers, and offer flower delivery services Wednesday-Friday.

*Fun fact; a business later on in this post actually designed the new logo for No 21 Flowers. Hint – they’ve also featured in my Small Business Spotlight before!

Bold Dino

Based in South Wales, Bold Dino offers personalised sustainable and organic clothing. All the designs have a unique, funky edge and 10% of profits are donated to Versus Arthritis UK.

23-year old Anna is behind the company, up-cycling old items from charity shops to produce her sustainable pieces. All packaging is compostable and//or recyclable.

Blŵm Creative*

This is a one-stop shop for all your personalised prints and business branding needs! Blŵm Creative has it all. Their design are effortlessly chic and the perfect finishing touch to any room.

I’ve had my eye on the personalised house prints for my parents this Christmas (Mam, Dad, if you’re reading this, pretend you didn’t see that!)

Broc Môr

In English, the translation for Broc-Môr is driftwood. Which, when you think about it, is perfect for a business based in a Welsh coastal town!

They specialise in Welsh gifts, with high quality at the heart of the business.

Small Welsh Business Collage 3


If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen the poster I have from Ffŵligans already. They specialise in Welsh language propaganda posters. Though that’s not to say they don’t have English versions of their striking and colourful artwork.

Pretty Clay Co.*

Based in Cardiff, Pretty Clay Co. specialise in handmade, you guessed it, clay accessories. Their contemporary designs are so cute and dainty. I especially love the circular leaf earrings.

Penrhiw Pottery

Dave and Anouska relocated from Jersey (Channel Islands) to Ystumtuen in Wales back in 2017 and decided to start up their own pottery business. With over 20 years of pottery experience between them, Dave hand throws the pots together and Anouska glazes them.

They believe intently in the therapeutic aspect of pottery making, and each piece is made with love and dedication.

In addition to selling their work, they also offer a range of classes at their workshop!

Alis Hâf

Alis is a marketing officer by day and freelance designer by night. Remember earlier in this post when I said someone designed the new No 21 Flowers logo? That was Alis! You might recognise her from my Small Business Spotlight feature.

Her services include bespoke logo production and branding services. She also offers free phone wallpapers on Instagram every now and again that I’m completely obsessed with.

SWB Collage 4

Handmade by Bronwen*

Based in Aberaeron, Bronwen produces handmade stationary greetings cards, and other personalised gifts. They’re available both in English and Welsh.

On her Etsy, there’s even customised signs made out of old pallets!

Lots of Knots Wales

Something that really surprised me when looking for small businesses in Wales was the sheer amount that seemed to be based in Aberystwyth! I had no idea until this week that we were a town of budding entrepreneurs.

Lots of Knots produces handmade macramé gifts such as wall hangings, bunting, and plant holders. If you scroll back a little through their Instagram, you can see a larger wall hanging they made which is absolutely to DIE FOR. I’m obsessed with it – all the Pinterest home décor vibes.

Boho Flame Candle Co.

Founded by Melane, Boho Flame Candle Co. sell sustainably-focused hand-poured candles. All of their products are cruelty free, paraffin free, and vegan friendly.

After a quick browse through their website, I’m especially a fan of their autumn collection. The scents all sound so cozy and autumnal! Think pumpkin spice latte, creamy cinnamon, and wood smoke & leather.

Gower Ginny Pet Accessories

Based in South Wales, Gower Ginny produces handmade pet accessories using 100% recycled cotton. With sustainability and good quality at the heart of the business, you four-legged friends would be hard pressed not to adore their products!

That’s a wrap for week 1, folks! I’ll see you the same time next week for another installment of supporting small Welsh businesses. Although we expect lockdown to last up until November 9th, I’m tempted to make this an ongoing feature. Let me know what you think about that in the comments below!

Alternatively, if there’s any small Welsh businesses that you really love and would like me to feature in one of the future posts, please let me know!

*This post contains affiliate links. To understand more about what this means and how this works, please read my disclaimer.

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2 responses to “Support Small Welsh Businesses | Part 1”

  1. This is SUCH a good guide. It’s so important now to support those small business and online creators if you can. It’s such a difficult time for so many people. I love the look of so many of these brands you’ve featured, I’ll definitely be bookmarking a few to take a look at for Christmas this year – thank you! xxx

    • Thanks so much Jenny! I love showcasing new small businesses and think it’s such a personal shopping experience in comparison to going to a big retailer. Really appreciate the support!
      El xx

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