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If you didn’t already know, Monday 2nd November marks the start of the Welsh Government’s ‘Wales Climate Week 2020’ initiative. The event aims to bring together people across Wales to discuss how we’re going to tackle the climate emergency. That means people exactly like me and you!

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Why ‘Climate Week’?

The Welsh Government is taking a “team Wales” community approach to tackling climate change. Bringing everyone together in an effort to lower carbon emissions and take another step towards a cleaner, greener Wales.

The good news? Wales is already on track towards our 2020 emission reduction target of 27%. This is in line with The Environment Wales Act (2016) whereby Wales pledged to reduce carbon emissions by a minimum of 80% by 2050.

Climate Conscious Wales Infographic

What’s going on?

The Welsh Government is hosting a series of online events to provide real-life examples of things we can do (both as individuals and organisations) to help fight the climate emergency.

The events will target people from a variety of different sectors; young people, the agricultural sector, the fashion industry, schools & hospitals, and businesses and mobility. There’ll be something for everyone to get involved with.

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Speakers include the First Minister of Wales (Mark Drakeford) and the Director of the Aber Food Surplus (Heather McClure). The food surplus is based in my hometown so I’m really looking forward to her speaking about how local communities are taking action in the “Voices from the Grass roots” event.

The best part? All the events during Wales Climate Week 2020 are completely free! Meaning they’re accessible to anyone and everyone with an internet connection. Since you’re reading this blog, you probably have all the equipment you need to get involved.

Where do I sign up?

To register your place at Wales Climate Week, simply click here to sign up in English and here to sign up in Welsh.

Remember to use the #WalesClimateWeek / #WythnosHinsawddCymru hashtags and tag @WGEnviroAgri to get involved on social media!

Wales Climate Week 2020 Low Carbon Heroes

Celebrating the Low Carbon Heroes Initiative

The Low Carbon Heroes initiative was created to celebrate those going the extra mile to commit to living a greener lifestyle.

To get involved, simply use #LowCarbonHeroes or #ArwyrCarbonIsel on social media to show how you commit to a more eco conscious lifestyle!

It can be something as simple as walking or cycling to work, upcycling old furniture or pledging to use reusable bags instead of plastic… it doesn’t have to be anything super complicated or expensive!

Climate Emergency Pledge

Make a Climate Emergency Pledge

If you own a business in Wales, why not make a climate emergency pledge? The Welsh Government is asking businesses across Wales to commit to eco friendly practices that lower carbon emissions.

To make a pledge, click here!

All pledges will be added to the Welsh Government’s “Pledge Wall” which you can find here. BT, Torfaen County Borough, and Environment Platform Wales have already made their pledges! Will you be next?

Will you be getting involved in Wales Climate Week 2020? What are some of the things you do everyday to reduce your carbon emissions? Let me know in the comments below!

*This article was sponsored by the Welsh Government. To understand more about how I label sponsored content, please see my disclaimer. Thought and opinions are my own and have not been influenced by any third parties.

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