My Experience at One Cat Farm

If you follow me on social media, you’ll have seen that I recently embarked on a solo cabin break. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a while, and since solo travel on a larger scale is currently a bit limited, it seemed like the perfect timing. I stayed in an eco-cabin at One Cat Farm, and the experience was nothing short of incredible!

One Cat Farm is located near Cardigan Bay, which is approximately a 45 minute drive from my home in Aberystwyth. I first heard of them through the Flying the Nest YouTube channel, and fell in love with the place after seeing Jess and Stephen explore the Welsh coastline in a camper.

The site is owned and run by Jessie & Lyndon, who live a short walk away with their three girls and infamous cat, Mogul. And yes, Mogul does sometimes wander the campsite greeting guests! I didn’t see him during my stay, but those who have say he’s an absolute cutie pie.

A lot of people found it weird that I went alone, particularly friends and family. To be honest, I really wasn’t phased by it. It meant I could please myself, spend my time however I wanted, and didn’t have anyone to answer to for a few days. I also think it’s a really good exercise in reconnecting with yourself. We spend a lot of time accommodating for other people in our lives, that it can be easy to lose touch with our true selves.

Plus, I’ve tried [and failed] to get ex partners to go with me over the years, and finally gave up trying. Seemingly, nobody wanted to go with me, so I thought ‘fuck it!’ and took my single ass on the perfect staycation.

One Cat Farm Derwen Cabin

The Cabins

There are a total of four cabins to stay in at One Cat Farm, and each is a little different. There’s the Gwylfan, Derwen, Y Guddfan, and Helyg. Obviously these are Welsh names, which translate to [in order] The Lookout, Oak, The Hide, and Willow.

I stayed in the Derwen cabin, which is situated in front of the boating lake on the site. The Gwylfan and Y Guddfan cabins are larger in size and fully equipped with working kitchen areas, whereas the Derwen and Helyg cabins are more snug and have the use of the larger communal kitchen on site called The Pig Shed.

Each cabin also has it’s own campfire outside, equipped with cooking utensils so you can really get stuck into the camping experience! I won’t lie, I gave it a go on my first night and while it was an amazing experience, it did take me a good hour to get the fire going. I don’t think I’ll be coming for Bear Grylls’ crown anytime soon!

Derwen Welcome Sign One Cat Farm Bedside Table

The best part of my trip was definitely the fact I had the whole campsite pretty much to myself. So it really was just me, some books, and the great outdoors for a couple of days! I managed to read three books while I was there, which is something I’ve really been trying to make more time for this year.

When they say One Cat Farm is the place where time slows down, they’re really not wrong. It was also super refreshing to not have the best phone signal while I was there – it curbed a lot of unnecessary endless scrolling!

Wide Angle Book Shot

The Pig Shed & Bathrooms

As I mentioned, The Pig Shed is a communal kitchen between the Derwen and Helyg cabins. It also serves as an outdoor barbecue area too, which is super handy if you’re going there for a group trip!

The kitchen is fully equipped with all the utensils you could possibly need, from pots and pans to cutlery, kettles, and more. There’s also a fridge to store any perishable items you bring with you. They even have a small ‘shop’ area in the space, where you can pick up pasta, sauces, shampoo, firelighters, and even a bar of chocolate if you fancy it. Simply write down what you’ve taken in the shop notebook, and pop the cash in the tin provided or email the list to Jessie & Lyndon at the end of your stay to pay by card.

The Pig Shed Outdoor Area

The Pig Shed Communal Kitchen The Pig Shed Communal Living Area One Cat Farm The Pig Shed Activity Board Outdoor BBQ Pit

One Cat Farm Bathroom Block One Cat Farm Bathroom Block 2

Although you’re encouraged to connect with the great outdoors during your stay at One Cat Farm, they do in fact have a bathroom block for their guests. I had a lot of people gingerly approach the subject when I told them about my trip, and I honestly can’t even begin to imagine what they’d expected me to say!

So yes, you do have full access to a working toilet and shower (with running hot water). Each cabin has a designated private bathroom, complete with shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel for guest use.

The Outdoor Wood-Fired Baths

Finally, the farm also boasts it’s on twist on the conventional hot tubs. The baths were designed by Lyndon himself, and are heated with (you guess it!) wood fires. As long as the fire is kept going (just add wood approximately every 20 mins) the baths will maintain a toasty temperature. You can even top them up with cold water if it gets too hot to handle.

The baths overlook the secluded valley, but were absolutely perfect in the darkness of the night. I stayed in there for hours reading by candlelight and it was absolute bliss!

One Cat Farm Hot Tubs

Would you embark of a solo trip to a cabin in the wilderness? I know a lot of people were apprehensive when they saw my photos on social media, but I had an incredible time. Solo trips are definitely something I’ll be doing more often going forward. It was especially needed after the roller coaster that 2020 has been so far! Who wouldn’t want to run away for a bit?

I know I’ll be shouting about my experience from the rooftops every opportunity I get. Jessie & Lyndon were the perfect hosts and couldn’t have been more welcoming.

Is One Cat Farm on your bucket list? Or have you already been before? Let me know in the comments section below!

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6 responses to “My Experience at One Cat Farm”

  1. Jade says:

    Okay so I’ve just sent this to Chris and all but told him we’re going at some point next year!! This is my idea of heaven 😍 so glad you had a good time, and I’d definitely do a solo trip myself if I had a car lol x

    Jade |

  2. Ciara says:

    Ohh looks amazing Elen! Really wanna book a wee solo trip now! x

  3. Jessie says:

    Aw, wow, what a lovely little write up! Thanks so much for coming to stay- I’ve just added a link to your blog from our website. XX

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