Will This Really Be the LastSwab I Ever Buy?

I recently announced on Instagram that I purchased a LastSwab from LastObject. They’re a Denmark based eco lifestyle company specialising in reusable alternatives to everyday disposable products.

The reactions I had on social media were pretty mixed. There were a lot of people who were super excited about the concept and there were some who just weren’t sure. In all honesty, I’ve been putting this transition off for a long time because I was super skeptical.

I just wasn’t so sure about an ear swab that you clean your ear wax off… It just seemed a bit gross y’know?

And because quite a few of you guys felt the same, I thought it’d be good to do a follow-up post on the blog about my experience with the LastSwab so far.

LastSwab Green

Basic? Beauty? What’s the difference?

The basic swab is comparable to the traditional cotton swab for ear cleaning. It has a bumpy design on the edge that makes it easy to pick up wax and dirt from the ear.

Alternatively, the beauty swab has a smooth design that’s perfect for applying cosmetic and skincare products. I’m curious about getting this one in the future because I find cotton swabs useful for touching up eye makeup.

Both are available on their website for £10 GBP.

What’s it like using the LastSwab?

The overall user experience is almost identical to a traditional cotton swab. The only real difference would be the texture of the swab itself since it’s not cotton.

I initially expected it to be super abrasive, which worries me as I have super tender and sensitive skin in my ears due to psoriasis. Luckily, that wasn’t the case at all.

How easy is it to clean?

To be honest the cleaning is super simple. I just use warm soapy water and my hands to rinse it off when I’m done and towel dry.

Biodegradable cotton buds flatlay

Do I have any concerns about the LastSwab?

I don’t have any worries about using the LastSwab itself, no. But I do worry that I might snap the swab itself as it is quite thin. It doesn’t feel flimsy or easily breakable in the slightest but it would be just my luck to snap it in half. I’m an occupational hazard!

Luckily the sab clicks into place within it’s handy case, so it’s kept safe and sound at all times.

Would I recommend the LastSwab?

For sure! If you don’t feel super weird about the concept of a reusable cotton swab then I’d definitely recommend making the change.

Alternatively, if they’re not for you then you could always opt for bamboo or recycled cardboard cotton swabs. These are slowly becoming more widely available and accessible both online and in person.

Will I cold-turkey quit other disposable swabs now?

I think time will tell with this one. Although I’m loving the LastSwab and can’t fault it, old habits die hard. I’ll probably get there in time, it’s just one of those changes that’s difficult to commit to right off the bat.

Would you ever try the LastSwab? Do you already have one that you love? Let me know in the comments section below!

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