I Featured on a Sustainable Fashion Panel!

I want to preface this post by saying that I was paid to participate in the panel as a guest speaker, but haven’t been paid to write about my experience. I just wanted to share an exciting part of my January with you all!

Olion Footprints Poster

You may have already seen me post about this on my social media, but in case you haven’t, I’ll give you a little run-down of this tonight’s events. I was asked to participate in a panel on sustainable fashion titled “Farewell to Fast Fashion” as part of the National Museum of Wales’ Olion (Footprints) digital event. The online event runs for three days and covers a variety of topics related to sustainability in the modern era.

I appeared alongside fellow sustainability blogger Izzy Mcleod (The Quirky Environmentalist), Imogen Ferda Riley (Clecs Cymru), and Ophelia dos Santos who’s a Wales-based textile designer. Special shoutout to Izzy for recommending me for the project, I was delighted to hear they put my name forward! Also a special mention to the fantastic tech team at Amgueddfa Cymru, and Lowri for organising the run through of the event.

Farewell to Fast Fashion

What did I speak about?

For all those who didn’t tune into the event as it happened, I spoke about size inclusivity (or the lack of) in sustainable fashion. It’s a topic I feel very passionate about, as you might be able to tell. I’ve written a fair few sustainable fashion pieces in relation to size inclusivity. My Big Boob Guide to Sustainable Bra Shopping is one of my most popular posts to date, grossing over 10k views alone since it was published!

As I’m not the most gifted public speaker of all time, I was absolutely shitting myself. It was such a daunting experience, but one that I learned a lot from and it really helped me get more comfortable in that environment. Going forward I hope I can do more work like it!

What else was spoken about?

We covered everything, from greenwashing, to starting a sustainable fashion business, to repurposing and designing sustainable textiles. It was really interesting to hear about how Ophelia approaches sustainable textile designing, and how Imogen tackles running a small sustainable fashion brand.

Greenwashing was a big topic of the evening – we all had a lot to say about it. Especially in terms of big brands who consistently greenwash their consumers. There was also an opportunity to submit questions for the panel to answer. It allowed for a lot of different perspectives to be shared and encouraged us to think about topics we might not have considered before.

It actually also gave me a lot of ideas for new content! So not to spoil anything, but there’ll be a few suggestions for size inclusive sustainable brands making their way onto the blog very soon.

Sign up for the rest of the Olion events!

All of the digital events running until the 24th are completely free! So if you’re interested in sustainable living then check out those free talks my clicking here to sign up.

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