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Welsh Wanderer is designed with the eco-conscious adventurer in mind. Based in the UK (specifically, Wales) you can expect to find posts all about sustainable living, with a few travel experiences thrown in. This all began back in February 2019 as a creative outlet. In that time, Welsh Wanderer has had the chance to partner with some amazing eco-conscious companies.

About the Blogger

About the Blogger

I’m Elen Mai, the driving force behind Welsh Wanderer. As a 20-something university student (in Human Biology & Health) I currently blog part time as a hobby. I can often be found wandering through the Welsh countryside with my dogs Pixie & Lola, or drinking half pints¬†in quaint Scottish pubs.

Why Sustainability?

The ever-looming climate crisis means that we have limited time on our planet. It’s estimated that there may be more plastic in our oceans than fish by 2050. That’s scary stuff! We are undoubtedly damaging our environment in some irreversible ways, and I’m hoping to reduce my impact. Living a low-waste lifestyle can help alleviate the impact of the climate crisis. I want to show that anyone can be more sustainable, regardless of budget.

“We don’t need one person doing sustainability perfectly, we need several people doing sustainability imperfectly.”

The Grail Aberystwyth

Small Business Spotlight

Something I’m very passionate about is supporting small, local businesses. When I launched my Small Business Spotlight back in March, it was one of my most popular posts to date.

Do you have a small business you’d like me to feature?

Email me // elenmai@welshwanderer.com

I check my inbox daily and always respond!

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Hi there!

Hi there!

I'm Elen Mai, the brains behind Welsh Wanderer and 20-something human biology student from (you guessed it) Wales! Welsh Wanderer is designed with the eco-conscious adventurer in mind. So stick around for tips & tricks on living sustainably.

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